Know why Taapsee Pannu is not ready to apologize!

Know why Taapsee Pannu is not ready to apologize! news
img By Ruchita Mishra | 27 Mar 2017 18:12:41.4070000 IST

Taapsee Pannu is the next action star in Bollywood after Akshay Kumar. As she is gearing up for her film NAAM SHABANA, Taapsee is promoting her film as well as shot a video titled “Unblushed Taapsee| #HitBack” and this video goes beyond being inspirational. It awakens us and rouses us to arm ourselves with self-defense.

The video shows many women who are seen apologizing for wearing a short skirt, for having a drink, for a night out, for walking home alone and everything else that they do for the fear of societal norms.

Just then, Taapsee Pannu walks in and tells us that they aren’t apologizing to society. They are apologizing to themselves, to their bodies. It’s high time we learnt to fight with these men. It’s high time we started living our life in our way! This video is an awakening call to all the young girls and women out there who treat self-defense as a hobby, as a summer sport. Self Defense is no long just an option, it’s a necessity, and a must-have skill for every woman.

Speaking about the same Taapsee Pannu says, “When team Blush approached me for this video, it was almost immediately that I said yes. It's time for us to be responsible for our own safety and learn to protect ourselves. The video resonates with me and I am glad to be a part of something so powerful, something I hope every woman will understand and act upon.”

Bravo Girl! With this video Taapsee has set another benchmark.