Koena Mitra: It requires hell lot of patience to be in Hollywood

Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 19 Oct 2011 11:43:38.8770000 IST

With her Hollywood debut STORY OF NAOMI, the dusky bong beauty; Koena Mitra joins the ranks of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Mallika Sherwat, Shilpa Shetty, etc who forayed in Hollywood some time back. However, more than appreciation these dazzling ladies were ridiculed for their roles. And this is what irks our actor Koena Mitra.

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A heated Koena says, ''Instead of taunting them you must celebrate and congratulate for what they have achieved. If an Aishwarya Rai could grab the film people should be rejoicing it because lots of actors must have tried to grab it. So why over here failure stories are more celebrated? It's easy to throw stones and point out 'only a-blink-and-miss appearance blah blah'.... Even if it's a-blink-and-miss role, at least appreciate, respect them to have reached that level and make our country proud.''

Further comparing the mindsets of two film industries-Bollywood and Hollywood, Koena says, ''There are no categories for actors in Hollywood unlike Bollywood. They have one term for every actor. There is no leg-pulling.''

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As Koena's focusing more on Hollywood projects these days and seen less in Bollywood, it is being held that the pretty actress has bid an adieu to Bollywood. However, Koena retorts saying her absence doesn't hint that she has left Bollywood. ''People can't decide on my behalf. I can't give time to two countries at the same time. Without investing time you cannot click in Hollywood. It can't happen over a phone conversation. I can't do magic. In fact nobody can. To get those projects I have given 11 months of my life waiting and co-ordinating. It requires hell lot of patience,'' says Koena blatantly.

Continuing in the same vein she adds, ''In those 11 months I could have done 3-4 films in Bollywood whereas in Hollywood it works otherwise. There you do 1 film in 3 years. You won't find 40-50 films in their profile. They have a different theory and working style.''

So does that mean Hollywood is slow as compared to Bollywood? ''No Hollywood is not slow. They have their unique style of working. If you take e.g. of AVATAR, James Cameron took years to make it. Because they want to make films with such finesse. If we (Bollywood) really make look that we are quick that doesn't mean we are fast and they are slow....you cannot compare the two. Why there's so much comparison? Their style is different our style is different. I am not going to draw any comparison,'' says the bold actress.

Ask her what she really missed while working in Hollywood and quite sarcastically Koena says, ''I missed the judgmental people there. They don't judge you like here in Bollywood. Your life is none of their business.''