KRUTANT trailer is intriguing and will keep you at the edge of your seat!

KRUTANT is about a road trip, and how a workaholic person is engrossed in his day-to-day life, that he doesn’t have time for himself, his wife suggests him to take a getaway and give some time to himself and unwind.

The trailer starts with usual couple talking about daily chores of life and wife wanting to break the monotony, post which the protagonist goes on a road trip and stumbles upon a strange looking man who shares a story. The protagonist gets engrossed and what happens next should be the crux of the story.

As the title suggests it’s all about twists and turns in one’s destiny.

How he comes out of it, what happens next will be known on January 18 in a theatre near you.

Directed by Datta Mohan Bhandare produced by Miiheer Shah under the banner of Rain Rose Films.



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