KULDIP PATWAL : I DIDN'T DO IT! Movie Review : Worry worry, where's my curry

Kuldip Patwal: I Didn,t Do It! Movie Poster
Kuldip Patwal: I Didn,t Do It! Movie Poster

A timid upper –caste ‘bechara’ (poor - rough translation) played by Deepak Dobriyal is relishing his home made roti’s at a roadside dhaba, by imagining the chicken curry served at the table next to him is on his plate. The talented Deepak Dobriyal gives all the expressions of sheer joy of having that imaginative curry with his roti’s without uttering a single word. Bravo, brilliant, what a metaphor, classic, these words might be on debutant helmer Remy Kohli’s mind as probable audience reaction while narrating this scene but alas, KULDIP PATWAL : I DIDN,T DO IT constantly suffers from the misconception that its clever and hard hitting.

Ironically the movie starring recognized talents like Deepak Dobriyal and Gulshan Devaiah is inane and shopworn material with a truly cheesy final twist that has almost nothing to offer. Plus the movie is also guilty of surreally mixing caste politics with a murder mystery and entangles itself with no clue to free itself and the audience from the mess.

Set in Bharatsar (a place not in the map of India but in the minds of the screen writers Rahul Ramchandani and Remy Kohli) is a place where a police officer Ajay Rathore (Anurag Arora) speaks in a twisted haryanvi accent, while the protagonist and his family speak in Hindi. Anyways, a young Chief Minister of that state Varun Chadha( Parvin Dabas) is assassinated at a political rally. The blame is on a bystander Kuldip Patwal (Deepak Dobriyal). Kuldip pleads not guilty – ‘I did not do it’ he says. A righteous lawyer Parduman Shahpuri (Gulshan Devaiah) fights on Kuldip’s behalf while CM’s wife Simrat Chadha (Raima Sen) a lawyer demands capital punishment for the murder.

Moving back to forth and suddenly a flashback in a flashback just to make the audience baffled for no rhyme and reason, KULDIP PATWAL : I DIDN,T DO IT is a yawn fest that in its desperations to stay alive and awake make attempts to make people think on the issues affecting our society, we witness a reference to ‘jhatka’ and ‘hallal’ in a restaurant, the service tax, reservations, deadly caste divide and so on.

And that’s not all, an absurd romance between the CM (Parvin Dabas) and his wife Raima Sen pops up without any warning, may be the idea was to infuse some sentiments for the high profile couple but its appears out of place making the audience cringe and ask for mercy seeking the exit door without bothering who did it if not Kuldip Patwal.

Of course, the makers had a vision like any creative soul but it’s the execution and what we see finally on the screen that matters and here in KULDIP PATWAL : I DIDN,T DO IT , the execution unfortunately murders the plot by stabbing it to death.

We hope Rahul Ramchandani and Remy Kohli may get their act together in future but more worry in this tasteless whodunit curry is the waste of fine talents like Deepak Dobriyal and Gulshan Devaiah, they have a strong role and they both shine in their individual parts but fail to save the sinking ship due to poor execution from the writer and director.

Parvin Dabas is a complete misfit and Raima Sen is confused. And so is the movie, like the protagonist who eats his roti’s by imagining a curry is served for him while we worry.

Rating 1/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Deepak Dobriyal, Parvin Dabas, Gulshan Devaiah, Jameel Khan
  • Actress: Raima Sen
  • Producer: Remy Kohli
  • Director: Remy Kohli
  • Music Director: Anuj Garg
  • Writer: Rahul Ramchandani
  • Release Date : 02 Feb 2018
  • Movie Duration : 2h 8min