Kunal Kemmu: There's a bit of magic mystery in BHAAG JOHNNY

Kunal Kemmu: There's a bit of magic mystery in BHAAG JOHNNY news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 24 Sep 2015 17:55:25.1100000 IST
Kunal Kemmu is coming up in a never-seen-before avatar in BHAAG JOHNNY. But more than that, the story of this movie seems interesting yet confusing and intriguing. As Kunal is shown leading two different lives in the trailer of the movie.


So, when we had an exclusive interaction with Kunal, we at once asked him if he’s got some superpower in the film. To this, Kunal Kemmu replied, “No I don’t. There’s a bit of magic mystery involved, but it doesn’t have to do anything with superpower. It’s not a superhero film at all. It’s a thriller and also a bit spiritual. It’s got the message of the whole karma thing going on.”

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In last few years, Vikram Bhatt has only directed horror films. Ask Kunal if he was expecting BHAAG JOHNNY also to be a horror and he says, “It’s neither a horror film, nor supernatural. There’s no nimbu-mirchi thing happening. It’s a different story altogether and I think that’s why it was very exciting for him to write, because like you said Vikram has been writing horror since a very long time. He liked this story. I was also very happy and said great, let’s do this! So he was very excited that it wasn’t amongst the things he did or I was doing. That’s how we got together, and I’m very happy and proud of it.”

Well Kunal, now we will just have to wait and watch if BHAAG JOHNNY makes us as proud or happy as you with its’ release tomorrow.