Kyra Dutt: Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri have all been a part of the Kingfisher Calendar & are very successful actors today

Kyra Dutt: Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri have all been a part of the Kingfisher Calendar & are very successful actors today news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 25 Sep 2015 11:25:14.1200000 IST
Marking her debut as a Bollywood actress with Madhur Bhandarkar’s CALENDAR GIRLS, bong beauty Kyra Dutt has got much more than she expected! Calling this her perfect dream debut, this debutante is very excited about her upcoming film and is delighted to be a part of Bhandarkar’s movie where all that happened on the sets was jalwa. In an exclusive interview with, Kyra spoke about her experience, her favorite actor, her unforgettable moment from the film and much more. Read on to know what more the gorgeous actress has to say…


Is CALENDAR GIRLS the kind of debut you were looking out for? Anything close to a ‘dream debut’?
You know what, it is actually better than what I had imagined for myself because quite honestly, first of all it is a Madhur Bhandarkar film and secondly, as an actress and girl, I’m very lucky to be doing a film which is woman oriented and women centric. We’re not like playing props to any actors and just getting songs. It’s a performance oriented role and the story also revolves around the five girls. So yes, definitely it’s a dream debut for me.

“Yes, CALENDAR GIRLS is a dream debut for me”

What was your reaction when you were offered a Madhur Bhandarkar film?
I went and met Madhur ji in his office and he was like your looks definitely fit the bill so he wanted me to audition for the role. I had given 3 different auditions and I remember they had already selected the four girls and they were still looking for the character of Sharon Pinto; I remember Madhur ji saying we need a very good actress for this role, so I kept my fingers crossed and give my best in the audition and I got a call from them saying I have been selected. I was very happy & excited because I really wanted to do this film.

Can you tell us something about your character in CALENDAR GIRLS?
I can tell you a little about Sharon Pinto as I am not allowed to disclose much about the content. Sharon is this fearless, young, free-spirited kind of a girl, who is looking for an adventure in life and that is when she comes to do this calendar shoot and she comes face-to-face with all the devils of the industry. She is somebody who is very high in her morals and she has set a certain way in which she wants to follow her life, but then things get a little tough for her because she realizes that there is very little place for her morals in this industry. She has been then given a choice on what she wants to do in life and then there is a transition in her character. I can’t reveal the exact incident about it.  But you’ll see a drastic change in her character in the first half and second half of the film. I think I’ve been very lucky to be able to give two sides to one character in one film. 

Kyra adds…
Also the USP of CALENDAR GIRLS is the music. I think people will enjoy the film because it is a Madhur Bhandarkar film and also another plus point of the film is the music.

“Mr. Bhandarkar understands the woman psyche very well”

Madhur Bhandarkar’s films are known to bring the harsh reality be it HEROINE, FASHION, PAGE 3, TRAFFIC SIGNAL. Will this also bring forth the reality of CALENDAR GIRLS?
The one thing that I’ve noticed working with Mr. Bhandarkar, on a personal level, is that he is somebody who really has the ability to tap into human emotions very well. He understands the woman psyche very well. If you see all his main leads, they were all well-known actresses of our industry and the character what he’d been able to give us, be it a HEROINE or FASHION; he has shown the woman emotion and the real emotions of characters very well. Even in this film, he has picked up real life incidents and emotions.  I could relate to Sharon’s character to a large extent because she’s so believable. I think a lot of girls coming into this industry, who want to be actors or models will be able to relate to Sharon’s character too. I won’t say there is a direct reference to a person, but it’s a direct reference to somebody you can relate to.



You’re the only one who has actually been a calendar girl, was it easy for you to portray the character?
Yes, I’m the only calendar girl in this movie. I don’t know whether it was easy for me to do it or not because this is a film which requires thesis not just models to do this film. So I feel being a model you could do that part easy, but ya I had a lot of experience being a calendar girl because I’m comfortable with my body and carry off the film well. There were some parts of it that I could relate to keeping my experience of being a calendar girl, but there’s a lot more than just being a calendar girl in this film.

“There’s no insecurity at all between the five girls”

Since there are five leads in the film, were you ever apprehensive that the limelight won’t be only on you?
No, no I am not at all scared. I’m extremely confident about my part that I’ve played because initially, before I signed the film, I was a little skeptical that I wanted to do a debut with four other girls, but when I heard the script and did my part in the film, I totally trusted my direct and my production. I know that all five girls are given equal footage and there’s nobody who’s more and nobody who’s less. So between the five girls, there is no insecurity at all. I’m very happy with my role.

So all of you are the main lead in the film?
It’s a very refreshing story, a story about girl bonding. A lot has been said about guys bonding on the film or they have bromance and stuff, but when it comes to girls, people say girls matlab they must be having cat fights or something negative.  But this is a very refreshing and new take and this is the best time to be coming up with this film now because suddenly women empowerment has come into limelight and we see film like QUEEN, MARY KOM doing well. It’s a great time for girls and empowerment for us and I think it’s a great subject that we’ve taken in a film like CALENDAR GIRLS where we kind of give that feel & vibe in the film.

Is there any male actor in the movie?
There is. I’ve been cast opposite an actor but it’s mostly the story about the five girls. The actors are there but the actual heroes, if I can say that, are the girls.

“I’m always going to be very emotional about CALENDAR GIRLS”

A lot of models have made their way into Bollywood…
A lot of CALENDAR GIRLS have made their way into Bollywood. Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri, they’ve all been a part of the Kingfisher Calendar and they’re very successful actors today. I think Kingfisher calendar has kind of become a platform for people who want to come into films.

How has your entire shooting experience been?
Overall the shooting experience has been absolutely wonderful. I am always going to be very emotional about this film because it is my first film. No matter what I do beyond this point, CALENDAR GILRS is going to be my first love. Also, thankfully, this has been a very happy experience so I’m only taking good memories from my co-stars, director production and everybody. One thing I will say about a Madhur Bhandarkar set is there is only jalwa happening on the set. That is the way he talks, ‘Aaj jalwa karenge.’ So it’s always a very entertaining and a very fun experience because even if you’re in a bad mood or a glam mood, you go on the sets, meet everybody who is high on their energy and automatically you feel that vibe. So it’s been a very happy experience.



Which is that one most unforgettable memory from the sets of CALENDAR GILRS?
I was bitten by a dog. I’m a diehard animal lover and what happened is, we were shooting in one of the sets near Filmcity and there was this one stray dog, who fell into a pit. That poor dog couldn’t get out of the pit. I was in the middle of a small shoot and being the actress on the set, I didn’t care about anything. My first reaction was to go and save that dog. I went and tried to pull that dog out but he actually turned around and bit me. Thankfully it came out and got saved but I had to go and take five injections.

Did that affect the shoot?
It didn’t actually. I was able to shoot right after it.  I put medicine and I finished and completed my shoot because it would be very unprofessional of me to not do that. After the shoot I went to the hospital and got the five injections. That is one incident that probably I’ll never forget.

“Being an actor is definitely not easy”

Will people’s perception towards CALENDAR GIRLS change after watching the film, on a personal as well as professional level?
I went and watched Madhur Bhandarkar’s films all over again right before I got selected for CALENDAR GIRLS. I saw CHANDNI BAR, HEROINE, CORPORATE and all of them and I wanted to be a part of his films after watching the kind of movies that he makes. CALENDAR GIRLS is somewhat kind of similar to all the kind of movies that he makes which is driven from real cinema, but it is also very different & hatke from all the stuff he has done before. He is also bringing something different to the table which the audience will see.  Any profession is difficult- being a doctor, engineer isn’t easy and being an actor is definitely not easy. People think that our job is easy but it isn’t. It requires a lot of discipline and hard work.  Like any other profession we also give our time, efforts and lives into it. I think it should be appreciated and it’s not fair when people say that ‘it’s easy and there’s not much to do in it’ because it is not.
Tell us something about XXX
You will have to wait and watch because I don’t want to spoil the mystery and fun because you got to watch out for XXX. It’s quite an amazing film that’s coming our way and that’s about it.

Since you’re open to doing bold roles, how supportive has your family been?
I will be very honest, I am doing two films which are completely different from each other. If you see Sharon Pinto in CALENDAR GIRLS and if you see my character in XXX, they are poles apart. So I am very lucky that in such an early stage of my career, I’m being able to portray two different sides a personality. And as an actor, I think I’m open to portraying different roles.  I’m a confident person hence I was able to take up something like XXX. Being an Indian, coming from a certain background, my family and everything, of course I had my own doubts. I wasn’t sure of certain things. Even when XXX came my way, initially I had said no. I had refused to do it and then I remember Ken (Ghosh) calling me and explaining to me. Then when he read the script out to me, I was blown over. I realized that required someone who is confident and someone who can perform.  It’s not like one of those roles where a girl comes and she’s looking hot and sexy and then she goes away, no. It’s a complete performance oriented role and it’s very difficult. Let me tell you, while shooting XXX, I realized how tough it is to project that role. I think even the audience’s perception has changed and they want to see actors who can do different thing. So yes, XXX is one genre and CALENDAR GIRLS is a completely different genre.

“I was blown over by XXX script”

Is there anyone from Bollywood who has been your role model?
I wouldn’t say I have any role model as such. I am somebody who has learnt from my own mistakes. I like doing things my own way. If there is an actress that I admire then I would say my all-time favourite is Madhuri Dixit because I think she’s the quintessential Bollywood actress. Anybody coming into, she’s like the quintessential role model for any actress. Also I think Kareena Kapoor Khan is a very good & talented actress when it comes to acting. I think of recent time, I think Deepika because she’s somebody who was also a model & a Kingfisher calendar girl. Then when she came into films, people kind of wrote her off saying she’s a pretty face can she act? And if you see her recent roles, she has proved it with her performance in PIKU and other movies that she can act. I think she is quite an inspiration.

One actor you would like to work with?
I think Ranbir Kapoor because he is not only a big star but also a very good actor. I haven’t met him, I am just a fan of Ranbir Kapoor.