Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are friends again


Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are friends again. In 2017, as part of her case against Dr. Luke, Kesha produced a series of texts between her and Lady Gaga in which Kesha claimed that Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry. These text messages officially roped in Gaga and Perry as people involved in Kesha's case. Recently, the texts were published online.

Lady Gaga described a story that surfaced online, it's about the ongoing legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke. Katy, became a key figure in the music producer’s defamation suit after Kesha accused him of raping the Katy Perry an allegation that he denied. Now, the texts became public, in a message between Lady Gaga and Kesha, they called Katy Mean for not coming forward about the incident that Katy Perry also denies even happened.

Lady Gaga messaged to Kesha, she wrote “She is probably really afraid to lose everything," Gaga's text read. "U are really strong standing up to him, she's not as strong as you yet." When discussing whether or not to speak to her about being involved in the lawsuit, they later agreed that Perry is "mean." Gaga then offered to speak to Perry on Kesha's behalf, encouraging Kesha to ask if the two are friends. "NO," wrote Gaga. "Omg NO. She makes me angry about shit by I just try to have empathy for her."

Lady Gaga tried to clarify everything through social media, she wrote “[email protected] & I have grown up in the industry together. We’ve gone through both celebrations & differences w/ each other. These are old texts. We’ve matured, gotten over the past, love each other & share deep respect. Katy is my friend and is truly a kind soul. End of story.” Katy soon tweeted a response, writing, “Love you too friend. Onward and upward."

According to court documents, Kesha claimed Dr. Luke assaulted her during their relationship. Her lawsuit against him was dismissed, but Luke filed a defamation case against her for the accusations. Reportedly, the publication of the texts, Sean Cassidy, a representative of Lady Gaga said, "These text messages paint a picture of one friend trying to help another through an extremely difficult time. They are several years old and in no way reflect Lady Gaga’s relationship with Katy Perry. These are private texts that — along with personal information from other high-profile individuals — have been publicly filed to generate media attention for this case."