Lara Dutta did SINGH IS BLIING because of Akshay Kumar?

Lara Dutta did SINGH IS BLIING because of Akshay Kumar? news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 29 Sep 2015 14:46:43.9100000 IST
Lara Dutta, who was last seen in DAVID in 2013, is coming back with Akshay Kumar starrer SINGH IS BLIING, that releases this Friday i.e. on October 2, 2015. Co-incidentally, Lara even started her career with Akshay Kumar in ANDAAZ, and till date, the duo has done as many as 13 movies together.


When interviewing Akshay Kumar for SINGH IS BLIING, we asked Akshay if it was him who called Lara to act in SINGH IS BLIING and the superstar says, “Yes. I requested her to come and be a part of the film.”

Further revealing some more details about SINGH IS BLIING, Akshay Kumar said, “Amy doesn’t know how to speak Hindi and I don’t know how to speak English. Then our romance starts, but there’s communication gap. She doesn’t understand what I say and vice-versa. So we call for a translator, that Lara Dutta is playing, who hates me.

Then you get to see how she ruins my love story. Because if the translator is translating wrong, then everything is going to go haywire. That’s what the beautiful love story is all about.”

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Amongst that, Akshay even praised Amy and said, “Amy fights and I fight. Guys, Amy’s one of the best fighters I’ve come across as a heroine.”

We're glad to know that Akshay Kumar has found another good fighter, and that he got to work with her in SINGH IS BLIING. It's also good to know that Akshay Kumar thought about his friend and co-star Lara Dutta and requested her to act in SINGH IS BLIING. Good luck for the movie!