Lata Mangeshkar- The lyrics of ‘Saadgi’ appealed to me

Lata Mangeshkar & Mona SinghLata Mangeshkar, the Queen of Melody has come out of her cocoon to engage us in conversation in the language she knows best - the Language of Music.

Lataji has released an album after nearly 17 years on the most suitable day ? World Music Day. This album 'Saadgi', which is a T-Series presentation, is a reflection of the great persona that is Lata Mangeshkar. It guilelessly serenades from one geet to another, reflecting the tranquil depths of the singer. Most of these Ghazal-like compositions have mostly been penned by Javed Akhtar while the music has been composed by Mayuresh Pai.

The Music Launch of 'Saadgi ' that was a short and sweet affair where the Chief Guest was Shri. Jagjit Singh, with whom Lataji had last released an album 17 years back. With the event held late in the afternoon, followed by hi-tea, it was a relaxed atmosphere where Lataji expressed her feelings on the album and her plans for the future.

The event was hosted by the popular RJ Archana who introduced the guests on the podium. Everyone associated with the album was present for the launch - Mayuresh Pai - the Music Composer, Chetan Dhowan- from Swaranjali, Lalit Adani ? Chairman of Adora, Prabir Chatterjee-MD Adora, Mr. Madhusudhan ? Head-Music Radio City, Bhushan Kumar ? Chairman and Managing Director, T-Series and Mrs. Divya Khosla Kumar.

The event also saw the likes of Usha Mangeshkar, Javed Akhtar - the lyricist of the album, Suresh Wadkar, Music Director duo Anand ? Milind, the model cum actor Khalid Siddique who featured in the video of ?Saadgi? and Chitra Singh, Jagjit Singh's wife.

The album also stars apni Jassi aka Mona Singh and is being directed by Anupam Sinha. The first song on air ?Mujhe khabar thi? is a soft melody that touches the soul with its simplicity and as always Lataji's voice leaves a heartrending and poignant effect. The music by Mayuresh provides the perfect backdrop for the song whose lyrics have been penned by Farhat Shahzab.

The name 'Saadgi' derives its origin from Lata Didi's conviction that it's the simple things in life that touch our heart. The songs talk about such circumstances that have touched everyone's life at some point or the other. Lataji believes its destiny that played a role in this album.

In her own words Lataji says, 'There is no reason why the album happened, but it just happened. Nothing was pre-planned. Everything just fell into place. The lyrics appealed to me and I could identify with it. Music is my life. As long as I am, so will my music.'

Even though Music is her life but this Nightingale of India also has some hidden talents. Lataji has always been fond of jewellery designing and has crafted beautiful intricate diamond jewellery designs. So much so that it gave birth to the brand ' Swaranjali', who also happen to be the producers of this album.

To the world at large Lataji symbolizes the epitome of womanhood and this aspect of her personality is embodied in Swaranjali's design collection.

Says Chetan, the CEO of Swaranjali Diamond Jewellery, 'Apart from fulfilling Lataji's passion and penchant for creating exquisite jewellery- it was the biggest honour for our company to have been able to associate ourselves with our beloved Didi for her first and life's most revered passion ? Music. It is our privilege to take our professional relationship to another level, another dimension by having the honour of producing her much-awaited album ' Saadgi'.

T-Series, who is releasing this album, considers this an honour and are pulling out at all stops to make this a grand success. When Bhushan Kumar, the Chairman and Managing Director of T-Series, came to know about the album, he was quite insistent that T-Series be a part of the album. 'As the premiere music company, we would have been incomplete if we hadn't been able to contribute to Lataji's album. We consider this association an honour and want to be an integral part of ?Saadgi?.

Radio City, who is the exclusive radio partner, has been the single instrumental factor in this album being given such wide coverage. Speaking on this association, Ms. Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City 91.1 FM said, 'It indeed is a privilege for Radio City to be associated with ?Saadgi?, Lata Didi's much awaited music album. We at Radio City share a very special bond with her and this association only reiterates that. ?Saadgi? is a special treat for all music lovers. Indian music cannot get any better then this!' As exclusive radio partners for this much-awaited Ghazal album, 'Saadgi', Radio City will feature the songs for 10 days starting June 15, 2007.