LEJA LEJA - Best non-film song of the year

Ever since Ustad Sultan Khan and Shreya Ghoshal sung LEJA LEJA has arrived on the music channels, one cannot lay the sight off the song even if it comes at least a couple of dozen times a day!

An excellent number composed by Sandesh Shandilya and put to words by Irshad Kamil, LEJA LEJA is the opening number of the album 'USTAAD & THE DIVAS' which hit the stands just around a fortnight back.

In such a short period of time, this melodious track with one of the most interesting videos has captured the imagination of millions due to its soothing appeal and high recall value. No wonder, it is already being touted as the best non-film song of the year so far.

The song tells the tale of a bar dancer who is looking for a better life ahead and how a prince charming comes her way with destiny playing a big role in making them come together after a few rainy nights.