LIFE! CAMERA ACTION wins 'Best Feature Film-US' award

S Abid By S Abid | 01 Jun 2011 12:45:51.0830000 IST


New York based director Rohit Gupta's LIFE! CAMERA ACTION.., won the 'Best Feature Film-US' award announced recently at the red carpet gala awarding event at the Swansea Bay Film Festival (SBFF) 2011 in Britain and an 'Award of Excellence-Best Experimental Film' at The Los Angeles Movie Awards 2011.

'In the manner this film was made, it is highly commendable the way Rohit used English, Punjabi and Hindi in a very integrated and realistic manner with a mix of two beautiful songs,' said the director of screening at SBFF - Britain. 'Lead Actress Dipti Mehta's performance is excellent and powerful,' he further commented.

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION.., has also been officially selected in competition to be screened at six international film festivals from August through November 2011-International Film Festival Thailand, International Film Festival Ireland, Youth International Film Festival UK, International Film Festival Australasia, International Film Festival South Africa-and at the Silent River Film Festival 2011 in Irvine, California.

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION.., premiered at the prestigious MIAAC 2010 Film Festival (NY), was screened at IIFF 2011 (FL) alongside DHOBI GHAT and UDAAN, and opened the Museum of Fine Arts Boston South Asian Film Series (BSAFF) 2011 in April. Altogether the film has won 23 (till date) international accolades and awards in less than 8 months including 7 nominations at the World Music & Independent Film Festival 2011 in Washington, DC, and 5 awards at the Accolade International Film Awards and The Indie Fest, both film competitions based out of California.

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION.., tells the story of Reina, a young Indian-American woman who sets off to pursue a career in filmmaking against the wishes of her parents. She struggles to complete her annual film project, working with her classmates and with encouragement from unexpected quarters. As she tries to make ends meet, Reina begins to see another dream-to prove to her parents that her drive for films is sincere and while being born with a personality may be an inherent gift from one's parents, to live as a personality is an achievement of our own and a return gift to one's parents.

Written by Rohit Gupta and Los Angeles based lyricist-screenwriter Amanda Sodhi LIFE! CAMERA ACTION.., is Rohit's first feature, an evolution of his second assignment at the New York Film Academy which was filmed with a 2 member crew on a Panasonic DVX 100 in NJ/NYC on a shoe string budget. The film is in English, Hindi and Punjabi as art of the story and was all shot on locations, and dubbed (ADR'ed) in simply four days.

The film stars Dipti Mehta (RED CORVETTE, VICTORY), Shaheed K Woods, Noor Naghmi (THE SENTINEL, BIG BULLY BANK) and John Crann (THE NOTHING MAN, MEN's AFFAIR) and is supported by Subodh and Prabha Batra among others.