LIFE IN A...METRO targets 20 crores from India

View LIFE IN A... METRO Premiere - Picture GalleryBuoyed by a fantastic word of mouth, Anurag Basu's LIFE IN A...METRO is all set to achieve around 20 crores just from the Indian market.

As per sources, the film opened to a decent response on Friday with collections in the tune of Rs. 90 lacs as the day came to an end. With the audience penetration for the film improving in a big way on Saturday and Sunday, the film is all set to collect Rs. 4 crores over the first weekend.

This should mean that in the long run, film is setting itself a target of Rs. 16-20 crores just from the Indian market.

Sources from trade also add that the film has done good business in overseas as well with positive reports coming from Dubai, UK and US. Though exact figures from these markets are still awaited, there are positive signals all around to hail LIFE IN A...METRO as yet another success in the making for UTV after KHOSLA KA GHOSLA and THE NAMESAKE.

On being contacted director Anurag Basu said, "I am overwhelmed to see the kind of audience reaction the film has fetched. We were set out to make a quality film and it is heartening to see a market developing for a film like LIFE IN A...METRO. A film like this is always a risky preposition and to think of it, we didn't even have a conventional song placement."

What has been reaction on seeing each of the actors in the film fetching appreciation for the characters they played? "I had always maintained that each of them had worked very hard on getting the nuances right. Their shades were such that it was meant to be a tight rope walk. One little slip and it would have taken the sheen away from the film. Thankfully nothing of that kind happened and the results are there for all to see."