Lily James didn't speak for a week before filming MAMMA MIA 2

Lily James (Pic. Courtesy: Allure)

Actress Lily James went to extreme measures to make sure her voice was in tip-top shape before filming for MAMMA MIA 2.

In the sequel to the beloved 2008 film, which centers around the music of ABBA, James portrays a young version of Donna (played by Meryl Streep), and sings along with her group The Dynamos, reports

Just days before the film hits theaters on Friday, James revealed that she's "struggled" with her voice a lot since leaving drama school.

"I lose my voice a lot," she said. "I have issues — it's really scary and heartbreaking," she said,

To prepare for her singing parts in the film, the actress said she "didn't speak for a week before we recorded." "I went on steroids and didn't talk".

"I watched MAMMA MIA over and over again to channel the essence of what makes Donna so unique and brilliant and fearless and courageous," she added.