Lisa Haydon pulls off Khaleesi style from GoT and social media goes berserk

Ever since yummy mummy Lisa Haydon changed the colour of her hair from brunette to platinum blonde, she has been in news and certainly drawing attention for her new look. In fact, people have been tagging her as the desi Khaleesi as she has joined the bandwagon. And now the hottie totally swept us off our feet as she posted a picture on a photo sharing portal. 
Lisa posted a picture of hers with braided look and she instantly reminded us of the famous braid saga in the highly popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, where Daenerys Targaryen’s, a well-known character from the series, epic braids, have gradually grown in length over the series and touted to be an intentional decision which harks back to Dothraki tradition. As, back in season one Daenerys’ brother had hinted her how braids symbolized victories in Dothraki customs and over the course of the seven seasons, Daenerys has earned some major battle victories and thereby we witnessed the increasing number of braids.

Dany's braids/victories ???? {the lower pic i used from @thedaenerys ??}

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So bearing in mind Daenerys’ braid mystery, social media couldn’t resist comparing Lisa’s look with that of Daenerys. Few even went on to comment that if Lisa can replace Emilia Clarke as GoT Khaleesi, besides gaining adulation for her braided attempt. While Lisa didn’t comment or tagged the photo, her candid pic and the replies from her fans certainly spoke volumes.

Well, who knows if the actress took inspiration from this Mother of Dragons’, as she fondly known besides being Khaleesi who seems to have taken forward the legacy of (undefeated) Khal Drogo’s divine ponytail, to colour her hair platinum. And you never know if Lisa’s platinum look may land her some role in GoT or if the lanky lady is part of some similar project.

Well, we are now all the more excited to figure out the secret behind her platinum look than discovering Khaleesi’s never-ending braids!

(With inputs from Kenjal Choudhary)

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