'Little Boy' more intelligent than 'Tubelight' Salman Khan

'Little Boy' more intelligent than 'Tubelight' Salman Khan news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 07 Jun 2017 16:08:51.0630000 IST
Salman Khan’s next TUBELIGHT with Sohail Khan will soon hit the theaters this month. Besides Salman’s antics, the title of the film is catching everyone’s mind.


During the recent interviews with Bhai, when quizzed him if he thinks he is a ‘Tubelight’ to which he says, “I am a big ‘Tubelight’, when I compare myself to the way I was the previous year, only then do I realize the difference between then and now. As we grow older, we think about our memories and understand how simple life was when we were kids. Today I am in my 50s, and I have seen life, yet I cannot replicate that innocence of my childhood. I am happy this character allowed me to bring back my childhood persona.”

As the movie is an adaptation of famous film LITTLE BOY on being asked if he has seen the original film and how different or similar is TUBELIGHT from LITTLE BOY, “TUBELIGHT is not set against the war backdrop. It is, in fact, about the emotional upheavals that the army families go through. It is about all those jawans who go missing in the line of duty. It is about a father-son relationship. Keeping that central, Kabir has done his own thing. In the film, this little boy grows up intelligently, but I have miles to go.”

TUBELIGHT hits the theaters on June 23, 2017