Look who dared to grab Ekta Kapoor’s famous gemstone rings

Everyone’s aware that our TV tycoon and film producer, Ekta Kapoor is fond of wearing gem stones and wears enough rings. When it comes to gemstones, Ekta Kapoor wears a couple of them from Emerald to Red Coral to Pearl to even Yellow Sapphire! A staunch believer in the power of gems, Ekta has often heard saying that they turned her life around. In fact, she can change her style statement but Ekta can never give up on gemstones. In fact Ekta even admitted once jokingly that they are her bed time companions and can’t do away with them. While no one can dare to touch her rings and gemstones, here’s one person who not only demanded but literally grabbed her rings. Well, we are talking about none other than Ekta Kapoor’s nephew and Tusshar Kapoor’s son Laksshya Kapoor, who demanded his aunt’s rings and even removed it. While Ekta Kapoor also had fun with her nephew. Take a look here:  watch online last tv shows

Friyayyyy.....the terrible wonderful 2's are here.......hurrahhhh!

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