LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT actor Alankrita Sahai: Vicky Kaushal is adorable

Digitalization is booming like never before. With so many web series on various platforms, now for the first time a film was released on Netflix. Producer Ronnie Screwvala’s first production venture LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT has been in news for quite some time now, from its casting to not having a theatrical release.

The film has Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar and besides them there is yet another actor in the film to shine out. Alankrita Sahai, a model turned actor, has made her debut with this film in a lead role.

In conversation with Alankrita as she spoke about her film, co-star Vicky, how the film got released on Netflix and not on 70 mm screen


Tell us about your film LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT
LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT is a romcom and is definitely made with lots of love and has its own twists and quirks. It will definitely make you laugh. It is a Mumbai based film, so a sense of belonging and the essence of the film is roti, kapda Aur makaan lingers through.

If you can explain us about your role?
My role is of the other leading lady, whose funny classy naughty and also you could love and pity her at times (laugh). She’s got a graph throughout the film that keeps you guessing..

The film was supposed to have a theatre release but its releasing on Netflix. Your take on this
Well I was initially sad about it because it’s my debut film. But once I heard Netflix was on board my doubts went away, because now we have a wider reach. Our audience will connect and it’s never going to go of air. You can watch us anytime anywhere. That's the beauty and for me as long as you appreciate our team work I am happy and I am good to have a cheesecake then.

This is first Bollywood film to get a Netflix release.. Isn’t it exciting?
Yes its big, its huge as Netflix is very selective of the kind of work they associate with and after Will smith it’s our Bollywood film being released by Netflix. I couldn't be more happier.

Being your first film, were you nervous on the sets?
Yes I am always nervous; if you don’t get butterflies then you don’t love what you are doing. I was made very comfortable on sets, so much love and support that I didn't feel like I didn't belong there. It was ecstatic and I love the camera!

Tell me about your chemistry with other co-actors
Well the chemistry is fabulous, Vicky is adorable and Angira is beautiful.. I had a blast with them.

Any incident from the film that you would like to share?
Well as you can see in the promos I get punched by mistake, that scene was the best to shoot, as that entire scene was one of my favourite scenes. Yes I do get punched and I would fall on the floor without any support or mattress.

You have also shot a solo song in the film? Tell us about that
Yes I do ...well Rekha ji has sang the song. It’s a thumri ...and it was fun shooting for it.

Does dancing come naturally to you.
Yes I am a dancer. I know four forms of dancing, used to be an acrobat. Dancing makes me feel alive and I can let go when I dance, but doing a sexy number like the thumri was different as I had to manage moves I never really did before.(Laughs).

What’s next for you?
Well to get going ahead and creating more goodwill and making people love me on screen and to be healthy and happy.