Lyricist Shailendra's sons fight over royalty

Download Shahid Kapur WallpapersThe Scintillating duo Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor are back from their whirled-wind tour, Rockstar Concert. This being Shahid's first ever concert as much as people tried to hound it with controversy no one can deny the fact that it was a smash hit. Being among a bevy of Stars, Shahid has surely made his way into his audience's hearts. Shahid says, "It was my 1st overseas concert and I had heard about the way audiences react but I was completely taken aback by the enthusiasm and love they showered upon me. An actor has to wait for years to get their reaction but here it was instant. This one and half month was the best thing I have ever experienced. My fans were happy and so was I." While Kareena is looking forward for the release of her film OMKARA, on other hand Shahid is open to hearing scripts and doing the right kind of roles. Meanwhile they are looking forward to coming and watching their current release CHUP CHUP KE and also to celebrating the success of their much talked about Hit film 36 CHINA TOWN.