Can you re-imagine HOME ALONE this holiday season...Here it is

After 28 Years Macaulay Culkin has sent HOME ALONE fans into delight after he reprised his role from the iconic film for a new Google advertising, Culkin became Kevin McCallister once more for the campaign. Macaulay Culkin reprised the role of Kevin, but this time, with modern technologies. It’s a cute ad, as Kevin McCallister is relying on Google to help with some of the famous parts from the movie, bed jumping, shower time and dinner, everything from the house exterior to the wallpaper is spot on, we even get a small glimpse of the thief's van.


Macaulay Culkin was out of the spotlight for many years, but now he has been making more and more appearances on talk shows to promote his website and podcast, Bunny Ears.

The video goes on to show how Google Assistant helps with online shopping, bill payments, reminders, and home control. In true nostalgic fashion, the video ends with Macaulay Culkin initiating Operation Kevin to eventually buzzing off the bandits from entering the house. Many who grew up watching the HOME ALONE series will appreciate this blast from the past, and Macaulay Culkin’s iconic character from HOME ALONE.