MACHINE trailer keeps the audience on tenterhooks

MACHINE trailer keeps the audience on tenterhooks news
Nitin Jain By Nitin Jain | 23 Feb 2017 18:53:46.2670000 IST

Mustafa could not have asked for more from God than have father like Abbas (Burmawala) and uncle Mustan (Burmawala), the famous Abbas-Mustan duo directors. And look he’s got more than that… MACHINE, a film by the Abbas-Mustan duo as his launch ‘vehicle’ (pun intended). Today was MACHINE’s trailer launch and we the audience were waiting with bated breath to experience something larger than life that could make BAAZIGAR appear dwarf. That reminds me of the popular dialogue …haar kar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai! That also reminds one of the various thrillers like KHILADI, AITRAAZ, etc. by the director duo that still linger in the minds.

Surprisingly enough, all the expectations of ‘experiencing’ an Abbas Mustan trailer (movie) fizzled out with this trailer. The expectations were obviously high from someone who has delivered the best and made so many stars would leave no stones unturned for his own son’s launch pad. But, that does not seem to be the case. In the hurry to launch they seem to have lost the ‘control’ over the superb dialogue baazi… check these:

Main brake pe paun nahin rakhta kyunki mujhe maut se dar nahin lagta

5 minute ke liye kisi ka phone mil jaye… toh uski jaat, paat, aukat sab pata chal jaye

Is duniya mein har koi ek cheezse se darta hai…aur woh hai maut

Jis din tum mujhe pura jaan jaogi… tumhe dil haarne ka afsos nahin hoga

Usually a film’s trailer stuffs in the best from the film and if this is the best then, we are on the tenterhooks. Hope to be pleasantly surprised to see the actual film

Check the MACHINE official trailer here: