Macho fare from Farha

Farha Khan's "Main Hoon Na" could be the most macho film ever made in this country by a woman. So pulsating are the punches that action star Suniel Shetty fell ill on the sets with low blood-pressure.

"Main Hoon Na" has got an impressive line-up of he-men battling it out under the sun ... or, make that song. You really can't take the rhythm and melody out of a choreographer. But Farha Khan's days as a choreographer might just be numbered. Going by what she has achieved as a director in "Main Hoon Na", she may have to switch to full-time direction.

The bond between her and her producer-hero Shah Rukh Khan has to be seen to be believed. Then there's Zayed Khan who plays Khan's sibling. The filial fondness spills over in real life.