Maddy is against dubbing of his South films

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 29 May 2010 15:36:07.2630000 IST

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Here is one actor who is quite sure that he won't entertain any productions from down South who come with an offer of dubbing his film in Hindi. In fact so against is Madhavan with the entire idea that he makes the contract state this explicitly as well.

'That's right; I don't see any point in seeing a film of mine from down South to be dubbed in Hindi. Every film has its own setting and milieu and it just can't be replicated with mere dubbing. There are so many other aspects that need to be looked as well and presenting a film from a different culture in Hindi doesn't make any sense to me', says Madhavan who is open to working in bilinguals though.

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'Now that's okay because while shooting simultaneously for the two films, you can still bring out adjustments and changes if required to the background, body language as well as dialogue delivery. I did that in case of 13B last year and I don't have any qualms in repeating that. However, dubbing is definitely out. Also, I don't allow someone else to dub for me in a Hindi film as well because people would recognize there and then that it is not my voice', says Madhavan.

With a renewed interest being showed in him by Bollywood makers after films like 3 IDIOTS, 13 B and a special appearance in SIKANDAR, Madhavan too is quite kicked about his place in the world of Hindi films today. He is currently wrapping up TANU WEDS MANU with Kangna and would soon be beginning work with Sanjay Dutt for FREEDOM.