Madhur Bhandarkar: CALENDAR GIRLS is gritty, edgy and emotional

Madhur Bhandarkar: CALENDAR GIRLS is gritty, edgy and emotional news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 23 Sep 2015 11:39:43.1970000 IST

We have usually seen Madhur Bhandarkar exploring the grim side of an industry – be it with FASHION, HEROINE, PAGE 3, CHANDNI BAR, CORPORATE or TRAFFIC SIGNAL for that matter. His latest (to be released) movie CALENDAR GIRLS also seems to showcase dark side of the industry. But Madhur Bhandarkar reveals that everything isn’t dark and negative in the movie.


In an interview with Madhur Bhandarkar, we asked the director if he would ever make a positive and happy film (since Madhur has always shown the dark, grim side of any field), to which he replied, “Let’s take a character like Heroine. In the film HEROINE, a woman sends an MMS about her sexual interpretation to gain stardom and to make her film successful. She played the last card she got. She gets success, but leaves the film industry. If she would have enjoyed it, then I would say her character is grey. She went to a place where nobody recognizes her. That woman fought over life for stardom, to be in news and be a successful actress. She was an actress refusing to take her decline. And at one point, when she’s walking on the streets of Paris, somebody asked if she was the same heroine, she said no. So, I’m doing that poetic justice.”

Madhur also defended his films saying, “I showed Priyanka Chopra also as a winner in FASHION. So there is a positive side to it. Coming to CALENDAR GIRLS, it isn’t a dark film but it shows the dark side. It’s about ups and downs of their career. We are showing good parts also. In fact, I’ve shown both the points. It depends on how you take it, and how much you want to take it in your life.”

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Sharing about his experience with CALENDAR GIRLS, Madhur Bhandarkar added, “I met one Calendar Girl and she said, ‘Madhur, I went for 3-4 auditions. People were gracious. They gave me dialogues and everything I wanted. But post auditions; I realized (after 6 months) that I’m not cut out to acting.' She left the job and went to corporate world. That was very positive side. It’s your perspective about how positively do you want to take the situation. Another Calendar Girl thought she was going to be an actress. She said, ‘I was working on big projects. Then I suddenly got a proposal from a rich man and I got married.”

Giving out some more details about CALENDAR GIRLS, Madhur Bhandarkar added, “CALENDAR GIRLS is gritty, edgy and emotional. It will make you laugh, cry and even shock you. It has all elements. So it isn't judgmental, I'm keeping things in perspective with the audience. Now you decide what is good and bad.”

That we definitely will, Madhur ji! We are also glad to hear that you are staying true to your plot and not relying on a feel-good factor to please your audiences.