Madhur Bhandarkar: Censor board told me not to butcher CALENDAR GIRLS

Madhur Bhandarkar: Censor board told me not to butcher CALENDAR GIRLS news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 24 Sep 2015 17:52:36.1470000 IST
Madhur Bhandarkar is all set to strike back with his CALENDAR GIRLS and going by the title we quite expect that the movie would be loaded with bold scenes. And with the censor board getting stringent by the day about adult content, we couldn’t resist asking Madhur Bhandarkar (who is known for realistic cinema) if had a tough time convincing the censor board. So we asked Madhur if he had to face any problem with the censors.


Revealing his experience with the censor board, Madhur told us, “Six people from censors saw the film, and they loved the film. They didn’t cut a single frame. I appreciate and applaud censors for that. They requested me to cut some swear words, which I think were negligible. But they were very gracious. And I said I’ll change it.” We also managed to ask him if there are some nude scenes in the movie. To which Madhur replied, “No there is no nude scene in the film.”

But Madhur Bhandarkar did not want an ‘A’ certificate. So, he and his producer Sangeeta Ahir decided to go back and plead with the censor board for U/A certificate. Giving us inside details, Madhur shared, “Sangeeta and I thought that the film is good and we wanted to cater to the larger audience. Because when we agreed upon for an ‘A’ certificate for FASHION, we lost a lot of revenue. So this time around we went to the censor board and requested them to grant U/A certificate. I thought if they want to cut something, we’ll cut it down, but its better we get a U/A certificate. We went there and showed the movie to few members from the jury. After watching the film they asked ‘Madhur ji, what problem do you have with CALENDAR GIRLS?’ So I said, ‘I want U/A certificate.”

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Despite all the efforts Madhur Bhandarkar had to retain ‘A’ certificate for the movie. Madhur then revealed, “Censor board people made me sit and gave me a good piece of mind and said that I’ve made a good film. They said it’s high on content and it really got them emotional. So they suggested I don’t cut a single frame, because I will butcher the film in that way. These were their exact words. They said you don’t get to see such content every day. It’s a very good film with a good message also. Let it be as it is. Trust us, your film will do well. And we accepted it. The film’s high-on-content sharpness, dark reality is a plus point of the film. There were even women on board who told us, ‘Madhur ji please don’t spoil the film, we will feel bad.’ So Sangeeta and I decided that if they feel like this, then it’s okay.”

After hearing Madhur Bhandarkar, we have our hopes high from CALENDAR GIRLS. We hope the movie matches our expectations.