Mahakshay on LOOT: I am keeping my fingers & toes crossed

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 07 Oct 2011 15:13:48.3070000 IST

LOOT is finally ready for release after being on hold for a couple of years. Even though the film has moved a week ahead of its original Diwali release plan, producer Suniel Shetty has grand plans of ensuring that the film finds an audience base for itself. Meanwhile Mahakshay Chakravrty, the youngest lead in the film, is hoping as well that after HAUNTED he gets his double bill with LOOT this year.

view LOOT stills
view LOOT stills

On questioned whether he is keeping his fingers crossed and praying for the success of the film, Mahakshay quipped, "Fingers crossed? I am willing to keep my toes crossed to see this film being successful. I knew that HAUNTED would release early this year but arrival of LOOT around Diwali has been like a cherry on the cake. I couldn't conceal my excitement when suddenly out of the blue Anna (Suniel Shetty) called and said that LOOT is being planned for release. It has been a good surprise for me because the film is a huge package in itself. There is quite a lot of marketing and promotional effort going for the film."

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In order to give LOOT a fresh look and appeal, not just is an altogether new marketing strategy being devised for the film but a special item number between Govinda and Rakhi Sawant has been shot as well. However when quizzed about the reason behind the delay, Mahakshay chose to keep it light instead of making it sound like a big issue.

"Film's delay is a mystery for me as well," he jokes, "But then der sahi par at least andher nahi hai. What matters is that the film is a big package and it was always destined to come at the right time. I strongly believe that this indeed is the best time for making some loot."

Well, we hope audience too feel the same when this film with Hansika Motwani and Shweta Bhardwaj as the leading ladies releases all over on 4th November.