Mahesh Babu's BHARAT ANE NENU touches BAAHUBALI numbers

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s popularity, not just in the southern markets, but in the entire nation as well as overseas is not a hidden fact. The movie, political thriller garnered startling reviews and was also one of the highest grossing movies and biggest hits of 2018 including Bollywood movies. Another testimony of the same is the news of his last release garnering a whopping 22 crores for its satellite rights.

This kind of an amount for a Telugu film is rarely heard of. It is the perhaps the highest that any Telugu film has received till date (leaving aside Baahubali)The actor has been influential through his movie choices, ‘BHARAT ANE NENU’ being one of the highest openers. He was also recently featured in Top 10 most Handsome man in the world list giving a tough competition to all the actors in B-Town.

Mahesh Babu’s films not only enjoy a phenomenal run in the theatres, but the Hindi dubbed version of his films garner extremely high TRPs for the channels they are played on as well.

Right from BUSINESSMAN and THE REAL TIGER to TAKKARI DONGA and NIJAM, all have had great run Hindi GEC’s garnering highest TRP’s. Hence it isn’t very surprising to know that his recent film ‘BHARAT ANE NENU’ had stirred a frenzy internationally and recorded a mind-blogging collection of $370K in Europe and United Kingdom and $3475K in North America alone.