Mahesh Bhatt calls Vidya Balan 'Hero'

Mahesh Bhatt calls Vidya Balan 'Hero' news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 14 Mar 2017 18:58:51.2270000 IST

There are very few films that hit you instantly and BEGUM JAAN is one such film. The trailer launch of the film was an engaging affair where minds like Mahesh Bhatt, Srijit Mukherji and Vidya Balan captivated everyone’s attention.

First and foremost Mahesh Bhatt who is also the producer of this film introduced Vidya to the audience as, “Aisa Hero dekha hai aapne?” which made the ever-so-humble actress blush.


On her association with Vishesh Films and doing a bold film, the actress shared, “First of all we should all thank Vishesh Films for making a film like BEGUM JAAN. I wouldn’t have the courage to do this film with anyone else as I knew, if there comes a time when we will have to fight against censor then Mukesh ji and Bhatt saab would fight them head-on. When you have the guarantee that the makers of your film are not going to bow down in front of the Censor boards and agree to chop the essential part of the film which will destroy the soul of the film, then as an artist you give your 100 percent without any inhibitions.”

Both Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt confessed that when they saw RAJKAHINI (the Bengali film of which BEGUM JAAN is a remake) then they were so shaken by its storyline that they decided to remake it in Hindi and had Vidya Balan in their mind for the role of Begum Jaan.

The makers were worried that the censor committee might give them a tough time considering the use of abusive language in the film, but after watching the film even the Censor committee were moved and they passed the film after replacing certain cuss-words from it.

Talking about their part in the film, Mukesh bhatt said, “In my career of 30 years very rarely you get an opportunity to make a film like BEGUM JAAN. I am extremely proud and happy to be associated with this film and also about the fact that we gave a terrific director like Srijit Mukherji a platform to debut in Bollywood. Also this film marks my son Vishesh’s debut as a producer so this film is very special for me. ”