Mallika Sherawat is helping this cricketer to debut in Bollywood

Mallika Sherawat is helping this cricketer to debut in Bollywood news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 15 Apr 2017 10:50:47.4300000 IST

Bollywood’s hot quotient is giving tips to this dude from cricket in his Bollywood debut. Find out who..

Recently Mallika Sherawat met with this cricketer at AAHOA in San Antonio, Texas and they exchanged notes on music, movies and sports over a dinner. The sultry actress dished out tips to the cricketer on how to secure a Bollywood flick and expressed her mutual desire to collaborate on an upcoming project.


The name of the guy is Andre Russell – the West Indies all-rounder. The cricketer will be making his debut in music and films this year. Taking inspiration from fellow West Indian Dwayne Bravo who’s hits 'Champion', 'Jager Bomb' and 'Trip Abhi Baki Hai' were well received, this 28 year old Jamaican cricketer will also follow suit by launching his single which was produced by Gemini Musiq based in Los Angeles who was a producer on Bieber’s recent album 'Sorry'this year. The cricketer who has taken a hiatus from the sports world will be channelling his time and energy more constructively on his second passion.

Says Andre Russell, “ Yes it is true that I’m exploring a career in the performing arts. I will be launching my first international music video with main focus in India this year and then maybe explore acting in Bollywood films.”

Venus Entertainment Group who signed up Dwayne Bravo and successfully launched 'Champion' has signed up Andre Russell for management and building a global brand.