Manasi Varma: I would love to do a singing reality show

Manasi Varma

Since how did you decide to join Suresh Wadkar singing classes?
 As an actor and anchor after looks and fitness it is the voice which is really important and over the years due to environmental factors like stress and drinking chilled water/cold drinks,etc.our voice quality gets deteriorated so like the way we go to the gym to workout to maintain our fit bodies, its extremely necessary to keep brushing up and honing your skills from time to time so for this reason to brush up on my voice I have joined the class and not just as a hobby.

Since when you have flair for music and singing? 
From childhood days I was interested in Music and Singing in fact I have taken Hindustani classical singing lessons during my school years.

Which is your favorite singer and why? 
Sonu Nigam since he is extremely versatile and he can sing any kind of song with ease whether its romantic, sad, dance number, Punjabi or even old songs,his talent and body of work is extremely inspiring.

Do you want to try singing professionally later in your career?
Yes maybe I'd like to. Like the way Ayushmann Khurrana has done or even a Farhan Akhtar like while acting they have sung their own songs and slowly made a niche for themselves so I'd like to do something on those lines.

 Is singing stress buster to you?
Yes singing and music is always a stress buster whether you are sad or happy there are songs for all moods and they instantly uplift your mood.

 Will you like to do singing reality if yes of what kind?
Yes I would love to do a singing reality show, at times I have seen on channels that they come up with a season of few Actors/Celebs who are good at singing competing with each other I would surely like to take part in a reality show like that.