Catch cuthroat humor with Mandira bedi and Samir Soni in Anything but Love

Samir Soni and Mandira Bedi

Famous artists Samir Soni and Mandira Bedi have been tickling our funny bone with a unique story Anything but Love. The play brings out in a subtle manner the love-hate relationship that defines marriage. It is being produced by theatre enthusiast Rael Padamsee and is directed by Vikranth Pawar. Featuring Samir Soni and Mandira Bedi in the lead roles, they play a divorced couple who cross paths at a restaurant 5 years after their separation. Full of humor and touching moments, this comedy will take audiences on a journey of laughter and introspection as they root for the couple and their love. 

It is a brilliant departure from the norm where love, matrimony and divorce are perceived and defined in a certain prescribed fashion. Adapted from the American play Double Act and produced by Raell Padamsee, Anything but Love takes you beyond ritualistic perceptions and helps you respect relationships not for what they are called but for what they are. Director Vikranth Pawar is an exceptional director at his age. This is Vikranth's third independent production after Timings and Laughing Wild. Earlier he assisted Vijaya Mehta and Alok Ulfat in Hindi theatre. By his admission, however, nothing excites him better than Anything but Love.

To enjoy the joyride visit St Andrews Auditorium today at 7 pm.