Manjari Fadnis: It was difficult to keep a straight face while shooting with Kapil Sharma

Manjari Fadnis: It was difficult to keep a straight face while shooting with Kapil Sharma news
Pankaj Sabnani By Pankaj Sabnani | 24 Sep 2015 13:48:49.3000000 IST

Best known for her roles in films like JAANE TU... YA JAANE NA and GRAND MASTI, Manjari Fadnis will now be seen playing one of the three wives of Kapil Sharma in the upcoming film, KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON.

Interestingly, this was one film she didn’t have to audition for.  Says the actress, “I had met Abbas-Mustan sir four years back. It was a very good meeting. But we lost touch after that. My manager was friends with them. So when they were casting for the film, my manager suggested my name. They called me and started narrating the film to me. I was thinking in my head that they are narrating the film to me without auditioning. Then the other formalities happened and I was on. “


Ask her if she had the option of saying yes or no, she said, “When it’s an Abbas-Mustan film, I won’t even think. I’ve always wanted to work with them. They are one of the best people in the industry and are such great directors. So it was quite a dream to work with them.”

While we were talking about KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON, we had to ask her about Kapil Sharma. “He’s extremely intelligent and witty. He has the best sense of humour. He was funny off the set also. And the best part is he doesn’t have to try too hard to be funny. The way he says anything is itself hilarious. Even while shooting it was difficult for all of us to keep a straight face and act,” said the actress. 

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The film is Kapil Sharma’s debut film and also has four other actresses. Ask Manjari if she was insecure at any point and she said, “I have worked in multi-starrers before also.  I was there in GRAND MASTI as well. Even JAANE TU... YA JAANE NA had Genelia and me. I think I’m very secure as a person. I need to do my work right. I need to enjoy my work. I leave the rest and don’t worry about the other things.”

That’s a great way to think and work, Manjari. Leaves behind so many negative feelings.