Manoj Bajpayee: Anurag is stubborn

img By Joginder Tuteja | 22 Jun 2012 16:54:13.5000000 IST

Part I of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR releases today while the D-Day for the second installment would be announced soon as well. Said to be a mammoth saga lasting 5.5 hours in totality, this two part affair is one of the longest film to come out of Bollywood. One wonders whether this was always a part of the plan when the team started work on the film.

view GANGS OF WASSEYPUR movie stills
view GANGS OF WASSEYPUR movie stills

"It was always designed and conceptualised in that manner by Anurag," says Manoj Bajpayee, "With him, nothing happens in a jiffy as he always makes very well thought of moves. He was convinced of the structuring of the plot. Moreover he is so stubborn that once he decides on something, it is very rare for him to reverse it. I like that quality about him and am quite a fan of his vision. So once he said that the film would be a two part affair, I was game for it. I would have been disappointed had he not stuck to his words."

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Talking more about his director, Manoj adds, "I love the kind of raw energy that Anurag possesses. Trust me, it is very captivating. He remembers little things and nuances from life which is kind of surprising. Also, the way he adds these to the character is commendable; only a very few can do. This way, he is quite gifted."

To bring nuances from his small town upbringing and then walking the red carpet journey at Cannes has been quite an event in the lives of Manoj and Anurag.

"This is a huge honour for the entire team and the film," Manoj perks up here, "Taking the film to Cannes was akin to a celebration after all the hard work that we have put into it. This film is a reflection of our beliefs and conviction."