Mantra gets back to RJing and it’s totally Lit!

Mantra Mugdh is one Multi-talented soul who needs no introduction from staring his career as an RJ, to anchoring, acting,singing, theatre,  producing he is master of all and truly shuns the famous saying, “Jack of all master of none”, when Mantra is there this quote nullifies.

From radio, tv, theatre, films, short films, and many more he is shining in all the mediums.

As Mantra is in the happiest phase of his career as his home production film ANA has been nominated as for the best film at the prestigious award.

His performance in Disney’s Alladin as Genie is garnering accolades as well. And if this wasn’t enough he was seen getting back to his roots that’s RJ-Ing.

RJ Mantra
RJ Mantra

RJ Mantra is what we have heard for years and it was indeed a nostalgic trip for Mantra as he was seen RJing yet again at the most prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival.

Mantra and sunny Ghanshani
Mantra and sunny Ghanshani

He entertained the crowd and his fellow actor friends at the fest and it was I indeed a pleasure and a sight you wouldn’t want to miss Mantra turning RJ again.


Well how many of you want Mantra to get back to being RJ.

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