Manushi chillar: I have not signed any film

Manushi  Chillar won our hearts and made us proud as she won the title of Miss World last year, since then there is no stopping for the girl. From being a medical student to winning the title Manushi's life changed instantly

Althought there were reports that she will be continuing her studies further, however she is now busy with her post Miss world commitments.

Manushi is in China  for the  grand finale of Miss World. 

During an exclusive interaction with Manushi when asked her how did her life change post Miss world she said,"Suddenly everyone knows you, you can't have your 'me time', everyone wants to be around and talk about you. At first, I said 'why does everyone want to talk about me' but over time you realise that they genuinely admire you. It's something you can't avoid. After a while, I told myself I might as well enjoy it because I can't avoid it. Fighting it will be no good."

While people say overnight fame can often be damaging, Manushi says success has made her humble. "It makes you more grounded. When so many people are watching you, looking up to you and are genuinely happy for you, so you tend to get more responsible. If people look up to you, you'd want to be that person they look up to. You get more humble when you keep climbing, you get more grounded."

When asked her if she has any bollywood dreams to which she said, " Not as of now, I am busy with her Miss world commitments."

when asked her which actor would she want to work with to which she said, " I want to work with all the actors, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman, Ranbir Kapoor everyone."

On going to China she says,"I'll be crowning the winner at the same venue where I was crowned. I'm having so many feelings. I'm excited to see who wins. I know how big this tear was for me. To see someone else carry that legacy forward, there's a lot of excitement to see what the next year holds for them."