Mark Ruffalo praises RDJ as The Godfather of MCU

As the release date comes closer the wait for AVENGERS INFITY WAR gets more impatient as the decade long story has been building up to this exact film and fans all over the world are waiting in anticipation as the fate of some of their heroes lies in the balance.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced 18 films which completed the phase three of their timeline with AVENGERS INFINITY WAR kicking off phase four.
Mark Ruffalo, who has been portraying the character of Hulk, recently his favourite part about being back with the Avengers, he said, "My favorite part it is the talent, and the feeling that we’re in a collaboration where there’s a sense of fairness and everyone’s looking out for one another. Then there is Robert Downey Jr. and just being in Robert’s presence. He’s the godfather of all this. That model has carried on throughout these last ten years or even longer and it’s constantly developed. It’s exciting when I look around at the talent of the actors and where they come from to be put into this world and work with the resources that we have. There is an enormous amount of talent here in every department from all over the world. Then when I see the racial diversity that’s really honest and fully expressed, I think there’s hope for the world."
He was asked what would excite fans the most about the film to which he replied, "I think audiences will love the scope of it and the fact that all of their favorites are in it. Everyone has their favorite character and everyone has their favorite Marvel movie and their favorite Marvel world. So to see all of them coming together will be really exciting for people. Then there is Thanos and the impossibly high stakes and risks for the Avengers and their allies."
The film is directed by the Anthony and Joe Russo, and produced by Kevin Feigi for Marvel Studios.
The film releases on 27th April 2018 in India.


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