Marshall's Comedian Awards is an acknowledgement of hard work - Paresh Rawal

'Laughter is the best medicine'... goes the clich?d saying. But it is most certainly true. And this time, it is going to be even truer with Marshall's introducing the 'Marshall's Comedy Awards', whereby humour and the promoters of humour will be promoted. The main purpose of these awards is to create a humour-based society, whereby through humour society will be relieved of stress, anger and anxiety. Humour is powerful, it ensures prosperity. It is a vicious cycle. Humour triggers laughter, laughter triggers love and love takes you closer to god. Anger takes you to the path of sins and closer to the devil. Humour is like being in a meditative state.

"Humour is for the people, not of the people". Comedy is a way of life. Comedy and humour become a part of a lifestyle. Connecting humour is essential. Comedians face a difficult task to enthrall audiences. One who laughs at others is a villain, who laughs at himself is a hero". We should be able to laugh at our own problems. Laughter should not be at the cost of somebody. In the words of Mr. Paresh Rawal these awards are an "acknowledgement of hard work". As a comedian, and a nominee for these awards, he says "it is easy, exciting and motivating to enthrall audiences and make them laugh". He also asserts that "humour diffuses tension". Humour brings forth the shortcomings of society.

These awards will not show case semi-naked dancers, there will be no glitz and glamour. These awards will highlight the glamour of love. There will be just plain laughter for the people. These awards will be held on the 14th of February, as we all know it is 'St. Valentine's Day' on The 14th of February, and thus, these awards will celebrate love and laughter. There will be humourists from Pakistan to entertain the special invitees. This is a step towards peace and harmony and a way of reaching the masses and dissolving misunderstandings, even if it is just for one night.

Contests will also be conducted where by the best comic joke will get awarded. It will be a lighthearted event. Humour is certainly; the best way to ensure a healthy life style. To watch these awards, tune in to Sab T V for more entertainment, and for the other side of glamour...

Marshall's Comedy Awards Official Website