Martin Freeman: Marvel superheroes stories not kitchen-sink drama

MARTIN FREEMAN (Courtesy: Fargo Wiki)

Actor Martin Freeman says Marvel superheroes are all grounded and live in a heightened world.

"Yes (Marvel superheroes are all grounded). Clearly, it's a heightened world and clearly it's not a kitchen-sink drama. But you have to believe everyone. The acting still has to be real," Freeman said in a statement.

"You have to believe in the characters. And what two characters are doing to each other at any given time has to stand up, even while people knock down buildings and fly and stuff," he added.

Freeman will be seen reprising role of Everett K. Ross in Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER, which will open in India on Friday. He first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

Freeman said he was not familiar with the existence of superhero BLACK PANTHER.

"I wasn't really familiar with Black Panther. I didn't grow up as a Marvel comic book reader particularly. I knew of BLACK PANTHER, but I couldn't have quoted chapter and verse at you."