Massive promotions drive sets RA.ONE for record breaking outing

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 25 Oct 2011 16:50:29.1800000 IST

It's RA.ONE, RA.ONE and more of RA.ONE wherever one pauses and turns. Pretty much a result of over one year of planning and then close to nine months of execution, RA.ONE has found the kind of visibility across the length of breadth of the country like no other movie has managed before.

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Says a senior crew member from the film, "What also needs to be considered is the fact that the film has seen a massive overdrive when it comes to the promotional and marketing machinery being put together here. First teasers of the film were released over six months ago while ever since then Shahrukh Khan has been all over. Moreover during last one month in particular, Shahrukh has actually invaded everyone's personal space too by being all over the town and its peripheries."

No wonder, director Anubhav Sinha is also quietly seeing the hoopla all around him and keeping his fingers crossed.

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"There is a certain belief amongst people that the film is very good. The kind of vibes from a spectrum of people who have seen the film are a clear indication of that. No one has come to me with any complaints at all and that by itself is a huge belief. Moreover my own objective judgment also says that the film is good. Story telling is working fine and so are the songs. I am reasonably comfortable that we are sitting on a moderate to large winner. And when I say that, I am just being modest," laughs Anubhav who hasn't slept for more than four hours a day since last two months.

On being asked about records on the making, Anubhav says, "For the records I do believe that we have managed to achieve what he had set out for with RA.ONE. The verdict is all set to be announced on Wednesday. I guess after that you can count all the facts and figures and let me know whether records have been broken or not!"