MAUSAM comes up with handwritten press kit

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 16 Aug 2011 11:53:34.6870000 IST

It is for the first time ever that a Bollywood film is coming out with a handwritten press kit. MAUSAM is a film for which all three- the director and both actors have worked extremely hard and have given two years of their lives to the film. So, the makers came up with an innovative idea that everyone should write their personal journey and encapsulate their favorite moments from the film.

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Sonam who is a various reader and a writer was not new to this. In fact at the beginning of the shoot Pankaj Kapur broke the ice between the lead actors in an innovative yet a traditional way. He made them write letters to each other on a regular basis!

Sonam and Shahid have both beautifully written about their journey for this press kit.MAUSAM is a special film for the whole cast and crew since they shot it over a period of 2 years waiting for the actual change in weather to bring about a real feel to the film. According to a close source on the sets they took time to wait for an actual rainfall in order to bring an authentic feel to the whole sequence.

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It is a contemporary love story between a Punjabi boy and a Kashmiri girl in a small village of Punjab. How the story unfolds will be for everyone to see as it hits the theatres next month.

Pankaj K confirms, "It's a marketing idea that the team has come up with. It's a quiet unique idea. MAUSAM is labor of love and not just a film for all of us."