What happens when fearless Maya Ben faces rebellions?

Manoranjan Mania’s Aasif Patel brings to you a humorous and fun-filled Gujarati play Mayaben Mathbhare.

Maya ben is known as the "Gujju Phoolan Devi" in her society because of her daredevil attitude and fearless nature. Nearly everybody is scared of her, but her husband Lalu is a "chupa rustam" who is always busy in notorious activities. Besides that, her newly married daughter in law also rebels against her. Maya wants to bring things back on track and get things in order but will she able to do it? Or she will lose her title of "Mathbhare" (headstrong)? Find out yourself.

Written-directed-produced by Imtiaz Patel, the play features Pratima T., Jeetu Kotak, Bhakti Maniyar, Mahesh Udeshi and Jay Kapadia in the lead.

To catch the play, visit Tejpal, Gowalia Tank on 23rd December at 7.45pm. 

Pratima T in Mayaben Matbhare play
Pratima T in Mayaben Matbhare play