Mayank Tiwari: My character in SULEMANI KEEDA is a bit shallow, misogynist & flirty

Mayank Tiwari: My character in SULEMANI KEEDA is a bit shallow, misogynist & flirty news
img By Pankaj Sabnani | 06 Dec 2014 13:53:20.6170000 IST

He’s a writer, stand-up comic and now, also an actor. We’re talking about the multi-talented Mayank Tiwari who’s debut film SULEMANI KEEDA released this Friday.


Narrating how he got the film, Mayank says, ''I was a journalist for about 10 years. I was a crime reporter before I switched to investigative journalism. In 2010, I switched my career and wanted to become a film writer. I started doing stand-up comedy and poetry on stage, with the hope that someone would spot me and I will get some work. In one such poetry sessions, Amit Masurkar noticed me and we became friends. He liked the kind of work I was doing. During that time, Amit was writing a script which was SULEMANI KEEDA. Since I was also a writer, he used to take my feedback regarding some scenes. I started to pester him for a role in the film. He wanted to try shooting a few scenes and asked he asked me to act in them. The scenes turned out to be so good that he decided to cast me. So in that sense, I didn’t get to say a yes or no for the film.''
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Ask Mayank if acting was his dream and he says, ''I always wanted to act and SULEMANI KEEDA was a golden opportunity.'' But he’s quick to add, ''My fundamental thing is still writing. But if get an acting offer, I won’t mind doing it.''
SULEMANI KEEDA is a story of two writer friends who are desperately trying to get a producer. So is it Mayank’s own story? ''It is similar in a way. The character that I am playing is a bit shallow, misogynist and flirty. I am not like that. I am a seedha sadha married man. But because I am a writer myself, it was easier to get into the skin of the character. But it was a challenge to play a character for the first time,'' he states before signing off.