Burn the devil for your sake and not just for namesake

And its time to bid adieu to the celebrations of victory of Goddess Durga over the demon. Every year she comes for ten days and destroys all the negativity lying around us and within us. In India, it's a ritual to let go away all negative vibes and sins on Dusshera when symbolically we set the idol of Raavan on the blaze because as per our great Indian epic, he abducted Sita, wife of Lord Ram, against her will by deceiving her. Devotees burn down the structure of Raavan and hail the victory of the good over evil. While the ritual has been carried out for ages but has this tradition really brought a change in every individual?

We resemble woman as another avatar of Maa Durga or Saraswati, but on the other hand, the same woman is petrified and harassed due to dominance and also at times are considered underprivileged. There are many chauvinists who pretend for the betterment of women, but the reality is always behind the curtains. The #METoo movement happening in India is bringing to light a lot of terrifying incidents where females have undergone harassments by men and also some men have revealed their situations where they have been tortured by females. The movement has shaken Bollywood as many actresses and other people from media have accused many personalities, but its tough to reach to a conclusion to figure out who's the real devil unless proved guilty. Either the accused is really at fault or the libeller has some intention by falsely alleging someone. The law has answers for all.

Coming back to Raavan, it is not just about setting his effigy on the flame, but it is also about eliminating the inner demon within you. As humans, we all have the inordinate desires of greediness, ego, jealousies, revenge and more so we somewhere inherit the traits of the 10 headed demon. As an individual, we must realize the importance of being a good human first. Even after kidnapping Sita, it is said that he never touched her or forced her. He never violated the sanctity of Sita’s virtue and honored his own pledge/principals of never dishonoring any woman. But still abducting Sita was a crime. And that’s the only crime he is still paying for even after ages. So for his one heinous act, we still burn him year-after-year and use him as a metaphor of evil even today. On the other hand, what are we doing with the sinners who are roaming freely even after committing crimes? In today’s time, why do we still have to use Ravana as a metaphor of evil? Criminals, especially like rapists and molesters, have surpassed every possible limit of immorality. So instead of burning Ravana’s effigy why not burn an effigy of a real criminal who has committed more brutal crimes and still is not punished enough to set an example for others to remember for years to come as we remember Ravana specifically for his one mistake? The mentality of committing such crimes should be burnt out from their minds and not only the criminals but also we should also burn the inner Ravan within us and not commit any kind of vile mistakes. This tradition of burning Raavan shouldn't be just followed for namesake but also for our own sake to make an attempt to be the Ram in this era so that we welcome Goddess Durga the next year as a much better human.

Life is beautiful, so make the more of it by your good deeds and not sins. At the end of the auspicious festival, we wish everyone a Happy Dussehra