MEERA has a message for all women out there!

Today being Women’s day we are all celebrating it by wishing the important women’ in our lives, there are many ways to celebrate this day. Today we bring you a heart wrenching and thought provoking film on rape and revenge.

MEERA by Maxwell Entertainment and A Roopesh Rai Production. Directed by Sunil Pathare and Produced by Kapil Pathare. The film talks about women's safety and makes us wonder if we can really assure women that it's a safe world.

Sunil Pathare, the director of the film says, “MEERA is a story of a brave woman of our society. The idea of the film is centered around the fundamental truth that women's safety is not about women alone, which is why we pledged to create a short film that communicates clearly the need to change the mindset of men, regardless of age and status"

Kapil Pathare, the producer of the film says,  "Until the vision of men doesn't change, nothing will change. Women should not be treated like an object to men, one should always respect her. “When a woman says No... it means No.”


Meera short film poster


Meera Movie trailer