Meet the actress who wants to slap her ex-boyfriend

Ananya Sengupta and Kangana Ranaut

While Kangana Ranaut is making all the headlines talking about her alleged ex-boyfriend, this debutant new comer has dared to go the extant that Kangana had feared.

The young, ravishing, sexy, naughty Ananya Sengupta is taking her first step in Bollywood with the supernatural horror ‘THE FINAL EXIT’, opposite Kunaal Roy Kapoor. Born in Lucknow but brought up in the city of dreams- Mumbai, Ananya plays the character of the mysterious women in 'THE FINAL EXIT' which forms the wheel of the journey of Kunaal Roy Kapoor in the film.

When quipped who she will scare the hell out if she becomes a ghost for a while, pat came the reply, Ananya said, “I will scare my ex-boyfriend and slap him while he is sleeping at night.”

Hmm… Dear Kangana in case if you turn a ghost, here is a clue..