Meghna Gulzar: Vishal ji, in his over enthusiasm, has shown few bits of TALVAR to Shahid Kapoor

Meghna Gulzar: Vishal ji, in his over enthusiasm, has shown few bits of TALVAR to Shahid Kapoor news
Jahnavi Patel By Jahnavi Patel | 30 Sep 2015 14:34:05.6500000 IST
The makers of TALVAR were going to hold a special screening of their film for the HAIDER lead pair, Shahid Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor. According to reports, Shahid too had shown keen interest to watch the film, but the actor hasn’t yet seen the film.

Said TALVAR’s director Meghna Gulzar, ''Shahid hasn't watched the movie yet. I think Vishal ji, in his over enthusiasm, has shown him few bits of the movie when he came to office but he hasn't seen the completed product. In fact, Irrfan (Khan) sir hadn't seen the completed film till he saw it in Toronto (TIFF). None of my actors have seen the film I didn’t get time to show it to them.''


Further probe her if she’s excited to know Shahid’s reaction to the film and she says, ''I am actually very keen to know everyone's reaction to the film. For me it’s like a completely new beginning, it’s like a complete reboot so I really want to know. And more than anything else, it is not selfishly for me but I truly believe that it is a story which needs to be told.''

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This case was going on since many year and people do know a lot about it already, but Meghna says that people may not know all the information. She said, “A lot of people ask me that there is so much said about the case, what do you think will interest us in your film? We already know everything what is to know. And I honestly believe that there is a lot that has come but that has come out in a period of eight years and the communication of it was not always balanced. Some stuff was over amplified some was suppressed. You may not have all the information or you may not remember all the information. Here what we’ve done is we’ve projected everything on an equal volume and also very clearly and simply. This is a very different experience to arrive on an opinion on the case. I am excited to see that reaction.''

After watching the film we might get a clear over view of the entire case, at least for the people who are interested.