Men's mag Maxim goes Bollywood

It is the hottest men's mag in the world. So much that this magazine has even given tough competition to Playboy magazine and other magazines like Penthouse and FHM.

Maxim had once even voted Urmilla as the hotest Bollywood star.

We know Dino Morea is going places. But Hollywood?

Apparently this is fallout of his, by now famous shoot for the famous magazine Maxim. The magazine is running a story on Bollywood in its current issue. The story has a photo feature on Salman Khan and Dino. The story is about Bollywood through the eyes of Dino.

So how did the Italo stud get to feature in this world-famous mag ?

"The Italian photographer Attilio Concario of the magazine had contacted the Italian consulate in Mumbai to help out", explains Dino. Naturally the first Bollywood name they could think of was Dino Morea, half-Italian, half-Indian. And so he got featured in the magazine.

So where does the Hollywood part come in?

Apparently the Attillio was so impressed by Dino that he asked Dino to come to Italy where he would introduce Dino to some top showbiz personalities. Now these people, who Dino would be introduced to, are also closely connected to Hollywood.

Now Italy has had a long association with Hollywood. Sophia Loren, Leonardo Di Caprio, the spaghetti westerns (English movies produced by Italians) and a huge roster of producers and directors come to mind. We hear that Dino has picked up a little Italian these days. So with Dino possibly flying off to Rome in the near future, will it be a Roman holiday for him? At Hollywood? And it is chutti for his Bollywood producers?

"Good God, no!" says Dino. "My feet are firmly planted in India. I have a number of movies in hand. There is Saurav Shukla's Chehra with Bipasha. Ishk Hai Tum Se and Plan. So there is no question of my going off anywhere??