'Mere Miyan Gaye England' from RANGOON has retro vibe to it

'Mere Miyan Gaye England' from RANGOON has retro vibe to it news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 27 Jan 2017 16:37:13.5200000 IST

If it’s a Vishal Bhardwaj film and it doesn’t have a track in Rekha Bhardwaj’s earthy voice then the film will be incomplete. So with RANGOON too music lovers were expecting a track rendered in her distinct voice.

And here it is titled Mere Miyan Gaye England picturised on Kangana Ranaut who plays Julia in the film. In the video of the song we see a very funny scene where is Julia trying to escape from the clutches of a soldier by attempting to establish her identity as a dancer who works for entertaining Soldiers.

The song’s tune will instantly remind you of popular track ‘Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon.’ Even opening lyrics of this song are similar to the old songs’.

Julia clad in a desi ghagra choli dances to amuse several soldiers present there. Kangana’s look in this number seems to be inspired from her TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS look.

Gulzar saab’s lyrics are amusing and Vishal Bhardwaj’s composition is pleasant. Listen to this song for Rekha’s voice and Vishal’s music.