Michael B. Jordan: Wolverine was big character in my upbringing

MICHAEL B JORDAN (Courtesy: WIkipedia)

Actor Michael B. Jordan says he loves all the superheroes from the X-MEN franchise, but The Wolverine played a huge role in his upbringing.

Jordan will soon be seen in BLACK PANTHER as villain Erik Killmonger -- who has an agenda that challenges T'Challa (essayed by Chadwick Boseman) for the throne.

"My initial exposure to the Marvel universe was pretty extensive. I grew up with Marvel and comic books and was always a big fan. As a kid I loved all of the graphic novels and cartoons so I was very familiar with the universe coming into it as an actor," Jordan said in a statement.

Asked about his favourite Marvel character, he said: "My favourite characters are all of the X-Men. Wolverine was a big character in my upbringing. Magneto was as well. I always loved Magneto's sensibility of doing whatever's necessary to see change.

"But also understanding the humanity aspect of it as well. He kind of played both sides of the fence, which you don't see very often. He just had a different philosophy than Charles Xavier."

Set shortly after CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, BLACK PANTHER will see T'Challa returning home to the isolated, technologically-advanced African nation of Wakanda to become king. Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER is slated to release in India on February 16.