Michelle Keegan goes to gym to 'de stress'

Michelle Keegan (Pic. Courtesy: Instagram)

Actress Michelle Keegan says she finds going to the gym to be a "great way to de-stress".

"I am not someone who absolutely loves going to the gym, but it is a great way to de-stress and find time for yourself," Keegan told dailystar.co.uk.

She added: "I am not a slave to a gym schedule, and when I am filming it can be difficult to make time to exercise. When I do have time off and at weekends I do a mix of weights, strength training, classes and cardio. I have also started doing yoga this year, which I really enjoy and would like to make more time for."

Keegan has returned to her roots in North-West England to film hew new TV show "Brassic".

She is relishing the experience of being back home, having spent so much of her time abroad over recent years shooting the BBC TV series "Our Girl".

"I am really enjoying the role and getting into the character. I loved playing Georgie and wearing army fatigues, fully immersing myself in such an active role, where I had the chance to learn so much, but it is great to have variety and play someone new with a really different style and wardrobe.

"And I love filming in Manchester - it's great to be close to friends and family," Keegan added.