Mick Jagger is a dear friend: Bollywood actress

Model-turned-actress Samita Bangargi says rock legend Mick Jagger, who is "a dear friend", wanted her to take part in his film.

Back from a 50-day shoot in London of her latest film "Ramji Londonwale", Samita is on cloud nine these days.

After all, she made friends with "Jade Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger who I had met up with while he was in Mumbai. Jade is a jewellery designer and we hit it off really well," Samita told IANS.

"Mick is a very dear friend as he keeps sending me messages from wherever he is. He loves Indian food and I, along with my boyfriend Ashish Chowdhry, had taken him out for dinner.

"He still appreciates the Ganesha idol we gifted him. He even wanted me to take part in the film he was shooting but at that time I was blocked with some film work, so I could not attend it."

She is also very pleased with the film. A remake of the Tamil film "Nala Damayanthi", "Ramji Londonwale" pairs Samita with Madhavan who starred in the original as well.

"It so happened that Madhavan's wife saw me in 'Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai' and in the promos of 'Shaadi Ka Laddoo'. It's she who recommended me to him," Samita said.

"Fortunately, the film's makers liked me and that's how I was on for the role of Sameera, an Indian expatriate," she chirps.

She says the story is about "Ramji, a Bihari cook who ends up in London for work. In order to protect him from immigration laws, a lawyer friend of the family with which he lives suggests I marry him."

Raj Zutshi plays the lawyer and Samita's fianc? in the film. "Initially, it seems absurd to have your fianc? tell you to marry another man for convenience who to top it all is an 'anpadh ganwar' (illiterate rustic).

"But as the film unfolds, everything falls into place," says Samita who calls the film "a sweet, romantic comedy" directed by Sanjay Daima, the associate director of "Lagaan".

The actress is gung ho about working with Madhavan "who literally guided me throughout the film. He would sit there observing the monitor even when he wasn't in the scenes. There was so much to learn from him since he has done quite a few films with Mani Ratnam, who's considered to be god in the southern film industry."

She adds that the film was a huge leap for her "from 'Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai' and 'Shaadi Ka Ladoo', which were sweet films but didn't really satisfy me as an actor. In 'Ramji Londonwale', there's ample scope for performance and I definitely think it will do wonders for my career."